Cami Baker – Keynote Speaker

Creative Marketing, Networking Strategist, Lead Generating Expert

When you think of being a Referral Magnet, Powerfully Personal Branded and doing Impact Marketing that puts you in direct contact with your perfect clients, all while making a difference in your community, you have thought of Cami Baker.

You may have seen her on HGTV’s House Hunters, Celebrity Apprentice or hundreds of other media outlets including Success from Home magazine.
International speaker, author, TV show host and Mingle to Millions Mastermind Mentor, Ms Baker’s entrepreneurial journey started at the age of eight when she capitalized on the first need she saw in the marketplace. Kids at school wanted gum, and because they had quarters in their pocket her first business was born! Taking the profit from that and becoming a loan shark, collecting collateral and interest was the next phase at nine years old.

Cami’s business building experience spans a brick and mortar bar/restaurant when she was in her 20’s, Top 5% of real estate agents in her 30’s and 40’s, direct sales with a team of 10K+ having personally recruited 131 herself and creating her personal brand of “Mingle to Millions” which has given her the opportunity to speak on stages from 10 to 30,000, 100’s of times virtually and physically, coaching/mentoring/strategizing with thousands of visionary, business owners and sales forces. Focusing on lead generating, business development, networking and prospecting from relationship based business strategies.

There is an art and science to building business relationships. Cami utilizes both to help her clients use their God given talents to meet people in a new way! They become even more confident, engaged and inspired as they build the resources and relationships that generate the revenue.

While in real estate, one of the most powerful platforms Cami uses was formed. She hosted antique car shows with the proceeds going to a local animal rescue. Over a 7 year period, she learned that when you have a “Cause” you are passionate about, and can use it as a way to “Market” yourself and your business it is a powerful way to not only make a difference, but to also have influence and impact in the community while making an income doing it.

The “Cause Marketing Campaign” was born, and now Cami’s clients have helped raise money and awareness for various animal, children, veteran, elderly, environmental and educational organizations. They are empowered, confident and fully engaged in their communities and are building business beyond their wildest dreams. Making money while they are making a difference. Living on purpose, being socially responsible and financially secure are the results of this process.

“Social responsibility isn’t just the right thing to do, it is the necessary thing to do in business.”— America’s Authority on The Cause Marketing Movement, Cami Baker