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Broker/Owner – BOLD Moves Real Estate

RE62RC10: Comparative Market Analysis



The 5 Important Items Your CMA is Missing!

In this interactive class, we will uncover latest tools leading to success stories with CMA’s, and how to immediately incorporate these tools into your presentations! A CMA is an unbiased estimate or opinion of the market value of real property by a real estate licensee who is not a licensed or certified appraiser. The valuation techniques used are similar to the three approaches to value employed by a licensed or certified appraiser.


Assesor for the City of Taunton

RE18RC07: Property Assessments, Valuation & Taxation


Ever wonder why your taxes go up 4%, 5%, 6% a year when there is Proposition 2 1/2?  If Massachusetts is a 100% valuation state why are assessed values typically lower that sales prices? Can you rely on assessed values?

These questions and much more are covered in the state Course RE18RC07 Property Assessments, Valuation and Taxation being taught by an Accredited Massachusetts Assessor. 

The result will be a full understanding of how your taxes and your Clients taxes are calculated. This course benefits both Buyer and Seller Brokers and Salespeople. Plus, you get a personal connection to an Assessor who will answer all your questions going forward.


Broker/Owner – RB Associates Realty

RE105R18: Selling the Sun: Listing, Marketing and Establishing Value of a Solar PV Home



Overview of information real estate agents need to address solarphotovoltaics (PV) in the residential real estate transaction. Topics include the rapidly emerging residential solar PV market, a breakdown of how the technology works, and resources you need to value solar PV and explain the value to your sellers and buyers. A snapshot of what a successful sale of a home with solar looks like – a home that has an owned solar PV system and a home that has a solar PV system that is leased by a third party. You will be able to identify what success looks like and how to get there.